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Goričko National Park

The area to the north of the region, is part of a trilateral national park covering Slovenia, Austria and Hungary. It is a beautiful area to drive around. You can also visit Selo, Grad (Castle), Bogojina and other sites in the area, as well as various vineyards. There are many cycle and walking tracks in the area. Also potters workshops in Filovci and Pecavoci.

 Goricko Natural ParkGoricko Natural Park

At Grad you can visit the largest castle in Slovenia (entry around 2 euros). The information centre for the Goričko National Park is also based here. The castle sits above grad village, but is poorly signposted. As the road turns sharply to the left and declines steeply, take the right turn (in effect it is more or less straight on) down a minor road to reach the castle.

The castle is currently being renovated. There are several interesting displays on traditional crafts of the area, such as weaving, pottery and, most importantly, making plum brandy. (It appears that there may also be opportunities to see demonstrations). The other rooms are mainly still in need of restoration. It seems you can wander around these freely, even though some are in a poor state of repair.

There were no refreshments available when we visited (though it appears that a café is being built). However there is a good, modern restaurant, called Na Jasi, just North of Bodonci and about 5 minutes from Grad.

At SELO, you can visit the Rotunda Church, (small entry fee), an unusual 13th century Romanesque church, with wall paintings. (Can combine with visit to the Rotunda Restaurant – the best restaurant in the area).

The Rotunda Church
Rotunda Church - Selo

The Bukovniško Jezero (Lake Bukovnik) is a small lake set in attractive surroundings just north of Dobrovnik. The Vitus spring nearby has waters which are reputed to have healing properties. There are healing “energy spots” area surrounding the spring and Chapel of St. Vid, numbered according to which ailment it treats. (e.g. you have to stand by the number 5 for 22 minutes to cure your haemorrhoids). The area is quite attractive and you can walk around the lake or cycle through the area.  No English information available, but it is possible to work out many of the ailments that can be cured on the leaflet provided in German as the words are very similar to English.

There is also a tree top adventure thingy.

Open 7am – 8pm daily. Car park €2.

Fishing at Bukovniško Jezero

You can get day licenses for 13 Euros at Bukovnijisko Jez. Drive past the big car park and follow road around to the side of the lake. You will see cars parked. Walk through a small wood to the hut where you buy the licences.


Bukovniško Jezero (Lake Bukovnik)

At BOGOJINA you can visit Plečnik’s church.

Bogojina - Plečnikova cerkev (Plečnik's church)


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